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The scary thing of colorectal cancer is that there are often no obvious symptoms in early onset stage. And when symptoms appear, disease is already proceed to late stage. Regular screening can help early diagnosis before it is too late to cure. There may be cases of bleeding occur if people are suffering from colorectal polyps, tumors or inflammation and other abnormalities and the blood may be mixed with stool and passed out. However, due to a very small amount of bleeding, patients are difficult to aware. Fecal occult blood test is capable of detecting if there is visually undetectable blood in stool and so it is called “occult blood” test. Research indicates that regular annual fecal occult blood tests can detect if there is any abnormal bleeding (positive result) happened in colon, as a result, incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer can be reduced effectively. Our center provides new type of fecal occult blood test which requires just a stool sample and no need to restrict diet beforehand. Subject have to follow the instructions to collect a small amount of stool sample and then return it to the center for testing. The process is simple and convenient.